S P R I N G + S U M M E R ‘ 1 9

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Fresh air, new hair!

The weather is warming up, and so is our excitement about new Spring hair colors and styles. We look forward to helping you look and feel terrific!


What hair challenges do we face every summer? Heat and humidity! Spring and Summer are such fun with gardening, swimming, picnics, running and biking. Take the time to protect your hair by wearing a hat if you go outside. At the beach or pool, you can wash and put deep conditioner in your hair, then do a braid or pony tail. At the end of your time outside, just rinse and shampoo. Your hair will feel amazing as well as protected from the sun. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray or Lavender Mint Conditioning Spray are great leave-in conditioners to use before going outside.

Does your hair frizz in the humidity? We have several humidity-resistant hair products to help you get through those sticky days. Moisturizing is key because if your hair has enough moisture in it, it won't absorb as much from the air. A combination of Gloss Drops and Super Skinny Serum on wet hair can create smooth shiny hair that will resist the frizz factor! Orbit Hairspray also has humidity-resistant hold. Another idea is to wear beachy waves and embrace the natural look! We have a solution to any hair challenge you have, so just ask us. We can enjoy the beauty outside and beautiful hair too!


Schedule Your Next Two Appointments to Enter our Drawing! To encourage you to plan ahead and schedule your appointments in advance, we are holding a drawing for a Neuro blow dryer valued at $170! This state-of-the-art styler will dry hair faster and with less damage than a typical blow dryer. It also monitors temperature as you style, ensuring even heat. Winner will be drawn on June 30th.


Every hairy animal has cowlicks or whorls. This is the annoying situation of hair that grows strongly in a circle direction around a center point. Typically they are in the crown and/or on the front hairline. Most people have cowlicks that grow in a clockwise direction. They can cause hair to go flat or to stick up where you don't want it to. The first time the term cowlick was found in print was in 1598. Most of history humans were farming, and the theory is that a cow licks her young calf creating a circular pattern in its hair. Another idea is that when hair sticks up, it looks like a cow licked one's head.

What to do with your cowlick? If it is in your bangs, wet them thoroughly and work through a little styling product. Blow dry from above, brushing in one direction, then the other until completely dry. Comb into place, put a clip in to hold, then spray it with hairspray. If your cowlick in back is going flat, or sticking up, the hair might need to be a little longer in that section to create the weight it needs to behave. On some cute short haircuts it looks great to stick straight up. Ask your Designer to show you some hints and tricks to dealing with your cowlicks.


Hair colors trend naturally to lighter colors for Spring and Summer. Women are sporting mini highlights around the face and soft balayage shades melting into lighter hues on the ends. Blondes are icy to silvery grey. Many older women are embracing their natural silvery grey! Ask your Designer about lightening your hair just a little, or getting a toner to change your blonde into an icy shade. We also offer blue and purple shampoos that you can use at home to ice down your blonde into a cooler color. So pretty!

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- 2-4 cups cooked Rice (can be brown rice, Jasmine rice, white, or a blend.)

- 4 strips Bacon

- 1-2 Eggs

- 2 tablespoons Sesame Oil (Hot Chili Sesame Oil is great if you like heat!)

- 1/4 cup chopped Green Onions

- 1/2 cup Frozen Peas

- 1 cup cooked Meat or Seafood

- 1 cup cooked Vegetables (ex: carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, broccoli)

- Soy Sauce to taste

Fry bacon in big skillet. Remove, cool and crumble.

Fry egg in same skillet, whipping it around while frying. Remove. Add sesame oil to skillet and fry green onions. Add cooked rice and stir-fry until sizzling. Add eggs, bacon, frozen peas and stir. Add cooked meat and veggies of your choice. Douse with soy sauce and stir to heat thoroughly.